Patient tested.
Clinician approved.

Open source healthcare matters

We live in a closed healthcare system.

The algorithms that drive our care, to our clinical and life data, to hospital and treatment pricing, are governed by blackbox services.

By using these closed systems, we are actively designed out of the decision-making process, in favor of corporate “optimized care” for optimized returns (vs optimized health outcomes).

The biases built into software, implemented with intent or accidentally, need interrogation, citizen collaboration, and correction.

It’s our health.

Our very lives are at stake.

We demand that our healthcare services be open.

1. to inspect and correct bias,
2. to be accessible for rapid innovation and evolution,
3. and to become more valuable as more patients, clinicians, clinics, companies, and governments engage in healthcare for all.

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Igor Gershfang
Walgreens Emerging Tech Director

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