Our shared purpose:
better health access +
outcomes thru design.

GoInvo is a digital design studio in Boston, crafting the future of healthcare through strategy, creativity, and vision.

With backgrounds spanning from medical illustration to physics, we share a foundational knowledge of development, design, and healthcare in the shared pursuit of impact for good.

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Our team

Juhan Sonin


Juhan Sonin leads GoInvo with expertise in healthcare design and system engineering. He currently lectures on design and engineering at MIT. Previously he’s spent time at, Apple, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and MITRE. His work has been recognized by the New York Times, BBC International, and National Public Radio (NPR) and published in The Journal of Participatory Medicine and The Lancet.

Eric Benoit

Creative Director

Eric Benoit is the Creative Director of GoInvo, leading the studio’s UX creation process from concept to production. Eric works as an interaction designer, experience designer, and information architect, designing better products by thoroughly understanding user behaviors, expectations, and goals. Eric’s background and love for design in the context of human experience helps him transform complex information systems in healthcare and the enterprise into responsive and adaptive human-centered designs.

Jen Patel

Designer, Engineer

Jennifer is a designer-developer hybrid specializing in user interface design and front-end development. She creates beautiful designs using big and small data, often for health and enterprise services. Jennifer joined Invo in 2011 and is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Edwin Choi


Edwin is a biologist turned designer. Combining the sciences and art, he orchestrates healthcare software experiences to be beautiful and clinically refined. Edwin joined Invo in 2015, is a graduate of Washington University, and has a masters in biomedical design from Johns Hopkins University.

Parsuree Vatanasirisuk

Designer, Illustrator

Parsuree is a user experience designer and illustrator with background in industrial design. She enjoys watercolor illustrations and Information design. Parsuree joined Invo in 2018 and is a MFA candidate of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Craig McGinley


Craig is an engineer devoted to full stack design and development. He brings skillful javascripting, front-end development techniques, and application logic design to software projects. Craig is a Launch Academy graduate, vegan, and a musician.

Bryson Wong


Bryson is a designer who spans the gamut of software strategy skills from user research to product design to usability. Bryson joined Invo in 2017 with a degree in Human Factors from Tufts University.

Daniel Reeves

Designer, Engineer

Daniel is a designer and developer with a diverse background in building interactive and science-based exhibits to academic research in interdisciplinary physics. He has a PhD in physics and quantitative biology from Brandeis University and held subsequent positions at Harvard and MIT. Daniel joined the GoInvo team in 2018 to build engaging biologic and healthcare services.

Sharon Lee


Sharon is a designer with an eclectic background in engineering, medicine, and art. Passionate about healthcare, she has focused her efforts on human-centered software design. She joined Invo in 2016 with a BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Virginia.

Jonathan Follett


As Principal of GoInvo, Jonathan is responsible for project management and design for select engagements. Jon has fifteen years of experience and has garnered several American Graphic Design Awards. Jon is an internationally published author on user experience and information design with over 25 articles published in UXmatters, Digital Web and A List Apart. His most recent book, Designing for Emerging Technologies, was published by O’Reilly Media.

Code of Ethics

  • Speak the truthWe are honest, open, and genuine. Truth is the essence of goodness.

  • Be curious creatorsWe are curious creators who welcome new ideas and the input of others.

  • Commit to communityWe fight inequality and stand to protect ideas, community and human-kind.

  • Don't settleWe are driven and committed to what we do. We strive to deliver exceptional results.

  • Blend beautiful with usefulWe craft ideas and products that are both useful and beautiful.

Our Story

With early roots designing for Yahoo, Mcaffee, and Obama’s 2008 campaign, GoInvo is now focused exclusively on healthcare. We’ve delivered over 110 products with partners ranging from 3M, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Partners Healthcare, and a variety of startups.

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