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We are open source

We operate as an open company. Our finances are open. You own a part of the company the moment you walk in the door. And all of our products are licensed under open source licenses.

Design for action

Design is not a theoretical exercise. Design like you give a damn and ship. Shippers change the world.

Demand truth and justice

Hunting for systemic problems, popping political blisters, and fighting for the right idea are parts of finding truth... and key to how we design.

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Working together towards a healthy groove

We’re looking for a designer and an engineer to join our intimate studio.

If you’re familiar with our work, you know we design, build, and ship beautiful health software for companies of all sizes, like Apple, Johnson & Johnson, NIH (National Institutes of Health), and Walgreens, to micro startups. We are hyper-concerned about guiding people through tough decisions, and produce eyebrow-raising results.

Our idealized candidate can be described in this way:

First and foremost, you need to be exceptional:
loving to design and build software, making is in your DNA, solving crazy problems with 50 different crazy solutions. You need to have a proven track record of designing healthcare software that has shipped.

Second, you need to be a system thinker and serial do’er:
to see more than just the design and production tasks but the entire product ecosystem, to having a firm grasp of engineering principles and business practices. You will need to lead not just yourself but other studio’ites and clients. Your responsibilities include leading projects and, over time, learning how to manage the entire service to designing software that is destined to ship. You will not be a cog in a machine. Your ideas will directly shape the experiences you create. Ultimately, you will be your own business unit within the studio and grappling with the holy trinity: design, technology, and business.

Third, you have to really care about Design, your fellow staff, and Spaceship Earth:
being adrenalized about healthcare, business, writing, open source, innovation, craftsmanship, fun. You are given great freedom and responsibility for managing your own work program to mentoring staff to driving company goals. Taking pride in and feeling responsible for a high degree of personal ownership in your work is critical because thousands to millions of people will immediately interact with your finished designs. We are looking for a passionate, inspiring, design-obsessed apostle who can increase our IQs (as well as dramatically increase your own).

That’s the kind of person we want. If you have those three qualities, just about anything else is negotiable.

If you have any questions about the position, please email me.

You can apply below, or send me your resume, portfolio, and phone number so we can chat.

Looking forward,
Juhan Sonin, Director


Break Bread

We cook for one another and share meals together. Cooking and eating as a tribe makes us a closer, better tribe.

Work & Play

Design can be a grind. So is Life. Plan yours as you see fit. We don’t track vacation or sick days. Just be responsible.

Makers & Shippers

We explore with our hands, heads, and hearts. Tinkering with, building, and shipping things is part of our DNA.