A fundamental measurement in healthcare is pain. The pain field been dominated by an illustrated face scale of 1-5 for decades, and neither the world nor the United States has an open source human body model to pinpoint chief complaints and issues. Pain is nuanced and requires similar nuance in recording and measurement.


We created a way to indicate physical pain and share with healthcare providers for better communication.


We designed and built PainTrackr, an intuitive app which uses shades of red across a map of the human body to help patients monitor their pain and share their pain history with their PCP.

Time: 1 designer and engineer for 6 months

Tags: Patient Engagement


Early concept

Early concept for tracking pain and intensity.

PainTrackr is an open source app that tracks physical pain. A patient logs pain based on severity and location and the app stores this data so that it can be easily shared.

PainTrackr seeks to make logging pain more intuitive, while eliminating the hassle of recording information via pen and paper. By providing a way for patients to easily enter data about their bodily pains, PainTrackr hopes to improve communication between patients and their healthcare providers.

I love this app —especially the simplicity and ease of entry. I have ADD along with multiple chronic issues, and other apps have had too many areas to track, too many questions to answer.

PainTrackr User

Painting pain

Next version of PainTrackr could evolve into painting your pain.


Viewing the history of recorded pain.