Numera knew health should be social. GoInvo turned the vision and idea into an innovative foray for an uncharted market.

We knew to make Numera great we needed the best designers money could by. We knew we needed GoInvo.

Mark Oswald, Numera, CTO


For customers like Numera, we create a complex app ecosystem across platforms, devices, and contexts of use.

  • System design that incorporates various digital hardware and interfaces
  • Creation of the dozens of necessary screens for the software
  • Prototyped with code written to be leveraged by the Numera engineers
  • 18 weeks of our project lead working closely with their team
Practice Area

Consumer Health

Project Type

UX Strategy, UI Design, Engineering


Learning, Envision, Blueprint, Craft, Build, Support


$100k – $200k

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App ecosystem across devices

Taking Numera from a big idea to a well-integrated app ecosystem leveraged many of GoInvo's expert software skills.

Mobile UX application for iOS

Complete activities and track them in the moment to leapfrog your competition.

Track health goals to monitor your success

Track health goals with your daily plan to monitor your success.

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