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We help healthcare organizations make clinical strength software for high-test, high stress environments.

“Invo beautifully helped shape our next generation clinician and patient experience.”

Igor Gershfang, Walgreens Emerging Tech Director

Genomics is brutally complicated. Patients struggle. Doctors flounder. Invo made them all smile.”

Elissa Levin, Director of Genomics, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York
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“With Invo, design wasn’t just design. It impacted our IP portfolio. It changed our business.”

Serban Georgescu MD, InfoBionic Director of Clinical Development

“We needed to make sure we could do this. Invo proved we could. We needed to make sure we could sell this. Invo gave us the tools to do that, too.”

George Moon, VP of Product, CodeRyte Inc.

Design is Medicine

It's time to design products to capture life and physiologic signs invisibly… usually through non-invasive sensors that don't require a single drop of blood, but just whiffs and sniffs. And when it is visible, it must be designed to feel wonderful.

Listen to Juhan Sonin discuss where patient health visits is heading in 20 years.

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