Rue La La


Rue La La's vision was to grow from a $250MM to a $2B company. Invo reimagined how they orchestrate their business, providing the platform for such audacious growth.

  • Ethnographic research to understand Rue La La’s high margin customer
  • Conceptualizing a software experience that emphasizes exclusivity
  • Total design of the Rue La La system, with UX support through production and launch
  • Over 6 months for the core research and design, followed up by months of support
Practice Areas

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Project Type

UX Strategy, UI Design


Learning, Envision, Blueprint, Craft


$100k – $200k

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The dashboard provides analysts, event coordinators, and merchandise planners a shared decision space to coordinate, schedule, and produce campaigns.

Invo delivered the first true picture of the production pipeline to the organization. It showed the entire organization - for the first time - what it truly took to produce an online shopping experience: from finding the clothing line on a runway show in Milan to launching the sale on Rue La La.

Invo became Rue La La's business process expert, understanding the details that drove production. We used large-scale posters to document complex workflows, feedback loops, and designs that drove buy-in, directed implementation, and architected the software.

Invo worked with Rue La La analysts to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and design the data display and level of information that corresponds best to different business roles, simplifying decisions and leading better outcomes.

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