The Total Protection UX, traditionally the product’s Achilles heel, was hailed by the media and led to increased market share - 24% in the first year and double-digits every year since.

GoInvo was much more than our redesign partner. They helped us re-think our product development process. They were as strong technically as they were with the design.

Brian Trombley, McAfee Director, Consumer Product Management

  • Worked with McAfee’s internal research organization to carve out key insights
  • System design and style guide used by product, marketing and service organizations
  • Super-rapid prototyping with near-daily pushes from early in the project
  • Working with their sales team to also redesign the McAfee ecommerce system
  • Participation in executive meetings to galvanize support
  • Deployed a 15 person team for six intense months
Practice Areas

Consumer Security (B2C)

Project Type

UI Design, Engineering


Learning, Envision, Blueprint, Craft, Build, Support



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McAfee user experience design and engineering

The redesign provided more useful and better-presented information, a sleek interaction model, and a focus on optimal usability and lack of intrusiveness.

Like many successful software companies that rose to prominence on the strength of engineering genius, McAfee grew into a security powerhouse thanks to the effectiveness of their offering and the breadth of features and functionality. Since they were able to become and remain a market leader despite a sub-standard user interface, they did not prioritize their design for a long time. When the moment came to make the user interface a competitive advantage they called GoInvo.

More than a redesign, McAfee needed to modernize their architecture, framework and UI engineering. GoInvo was an ideal partner because of our proven track record of designing and prototyping exceptional user experiences. Not only did we redesign McAfee’s core consumer product, we helped their technical leadership evolve their staff and framework to be even better in the future.

In a matter of months GoInvo worked with McAfee leadership and stakeholders, located literally around the world, to set a new vision and trajectory for the redesign. Then, deeply engaging McAfee’s core product, engineering and user experience organizations, our expert team of experienced software pros did the heavy lifting required to completely redesign and engineer the user interface of this complex app, while helping McAfee simply do their software better.

Software design for McAfee

McAfee’s old design had multiple major issues: muddy mental model, lack of meaningful information display, poor interaction model and drab aesthetic were some of the most notable.

Product blueprint exercise to identify all functionality

Engineering and consulting were as integral to our successful collaboration with McAfee as the design.

Exploration of many concepts for various parts of the software

Unlike most digital agencies we go straight from sketches to pixel-perfect mock-ups. We rip out fully realized designs, quickly providing customers with higher fidelity and more true-to-life visions of the UI from very early on.

Interactive prototype for user testing

The only way to test the efficacy of your app’s design is with an actual interactive prototype that allows the user to truly experience how the product will behave.

Front-end UX prototype

The final prototype we provided McAfee included envelope-pushing Javascript and saved their back-end engineering team hundreds if not thousands of hours.

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