DataXu had a unique vision to be a leader in the big data game. Thanks to the Invo redesign that data now gives their clients many recommendations and methods to forecast, in real time, anytime.

DataXu also made significant revenue strides for the second year running, growing from $87 million in 2012 to $118.4 million in 2013.

At any given moment, our team is managing hundreds of different campaigns, so how we use our time is critical. With this new console, DataXu has made a huge leap forward for programmatic ease of use.

Joel Nierman, VP, media and digital strategy, Liquidus


Real-time decision engine for marketing investments.

  • Envision next generation user experience and suite user interface design
  • Leapfrog competitors in the advertising analytics space
  • Design, engineer, and launch production software
Practice Areas

Ad Tech, Marketing Optimization

Project Type

UI Design, Engineering


Learning, Envision, Blueprint, Craft, Build, Support


$200k – $500k

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DataXu Campaign Dashboard Advertising Optimization Software

“Programmatic can be a challenge if it’s not simple to navigate, but DataXu makes campaign management seamless and the new user interface just extends its commitment to creating a positive user experience that leads to better campaign results.” - Juli Johnson, associate media director and trading desk head, BSSP

Exploration of many concepts for various parts of the software

Sketches allowed us to explore the possibilities and push the boundaries of the user experience.

Information visualization for understanding the health of a campaign.

Information visualization for understanding the health of a campaign.

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