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We deliver beautiful and useful experiences for patients, clinicians, clinics, companies, and governments.

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Our designs in healthcare are used every day.

160 million US residents
are analyzed, care planned, and risk adjusted with the software we designed.

700,000 Massachusetts residents
count on our service design.
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relies on our data visualization to explain complex health topics.
Social determinants of health

1 billion prescriptions
will flow through the software we've designed.

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The GoInvo studio is one of the most talented groups of designers I have ever met in the healthcare space. Not only are their ideas, designs, and graphics remarkable, but I haven’t yet figured out how they know so much about medicine and its future.

Eric Topol
MD, Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute

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Health Reports

Design concepts and objective analysis for grokking the evolving healthcare universe.


Preview our books on product design, emerging technology, prototyping, and the internet of things.

Health Design Thinking Book

Work from the past decade of the GoInvo Studio's practice is highlighted in the diverse case studies that make up the book 'Health Design Thinking', co-written by Ellen Lupton and Dr. Bon Ku.

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We work across the entire production process, applying the design method to reimagine your software, system, or service.

User interviews
User mapping
UI & UX Design

User testing
Front-end development
Strategy consulting
Graphic facilitation

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