B2C: Measured Health / Cross-Platform Apps

Measured Health chose Involution to create their app ecosystem.

Measured Health

Taking Measured Health from a big idea to a well-integrated app ecosystem leveraged many of Involution's expert software skills.

The Measured Health board and executive team knew exactly what they wanted: an amazing service that crossed all modern app platforms to transform the health and well-being of citizens. Their experience and research told them this meant utilizing not just a typical web app but integrating across all of the platforms people use all day, every day. Facebook. Mobile. Tablet. To orchestrate that symphony they chose Involution.

We dug in with the core Measured Health stakeholders and went through a rigorous research, strategy and architecture process. Converting their rough visions into a scintillating solution was only part of the challenge: designing and developing the front-end, soup-to-nuts, is where the real fun started to happen. Our team rolled up our sleeves, working side-by-side with the Measured Health engineers and key product team, to design, test and iterate a cohesive service that gives Measured Health the best possible chance to realize their audacious vision.

So much of enjoying success with a software start-up is about “do they know it when they see it?” and the Measured Health team was unanimous in celebrating Involution’s design and product suite as the realization of their plans and dreams. During our months of working together we helped the Measured Health crew extend and make real their vision, and in the process craft a service that serves as a “best practice” example of taking a consumer software idea across the modern app ecosystem.

Measured Health iPhone App Design

Complete activities and track them in the moment to leapfrog your competition.

Measured Health Chart Design

Track health goals with your daily plan to monitor your success.


  • Product Strategy
  • Product Architecture
  • User Interface Design
  • User Interface Engineering
"We knew to make Measured Health great we needed the best designers money could by. We knew we needed Involution." Mark Oswald, Measured Health, Co-Founder and CTO Measured Health