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“I wanted to reach out and say how fun the Care Cards you sent over were, merging simplicity of presentation and complex data representation.”
Mirar Bristol, MA. Director, Special Projects, Department of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

Open Source Projects


An open source javascript-based web application for visualizing health data.

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Determinants of Health

A holistic measure of an individual's entire living situation and life experience.

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Care Cards

Care Cards put you in touch with habits to improve your health, life, and well-being. Our sometimes surprising, always practical axioms nudge you toward the healthiest life possible.

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Inspired EHRs

The code repository for the prototypes included in the eBook Inspired EHRs - Designing for Clinicians.

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An open-source app that monitors physical pain. It logs pain based on severity and location and stores this data so that it can be easily transmitted.

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iOS App

A tool for doctors to quantify how individual factors impact overall health.

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A conversational health assistant.

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A tool for analyzing the patient population for hospitals, leveraging CHIA hospital and provider data.

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Visual Town Budget

An open-source budget visualization framework.


Runnan is simple but tough! You control a carrot with no arms who needs to navigate his way through an obstacle ridden universe of odd shapes, quirky people, and ambiguous looking foods.

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Design Axioms

The Design Axioms describe the minimal rule set for designing interfaces: the foundational concepts that are required knowledge for engineers and designers to create usable and elegant interfaces.

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A one stop guide to running projects at Invo.

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