Want to become a Virtuoso App Designer?

"My internship at Invo taught me how software actually gets planned, designed and made in the real-world. I got to contribute design for PTC’s Pro/ ENGINEER, working alongside many software designers with decades of experience. RIT taught me book knowledge, however my practical education happened at Involution Studios." Yang Dan
RIT Class of 2010


An Invo apprentice must be a recent graduate with a degree in design, computer science, or a related field. You will spend two years working as a full-fledged designer on our team. While working on amazing software, you will have hands on learning opportunities with the finest minds in the field. This entry-level position will prepare you in every way to get a job designing software at the world’s best companies.


Typically, our interns are still in school and looking to get real world experience. No fetching coffee here: but by joining Involution studios as an intern, you will be inserted into real projects, side-by-side with experienced professionals. If you have a design eye or maker’s touch, and have the confidence and ability to be the best, join us for a fun and rewarding experience that will seed and launch your design life.

For Boston Studio Contact:
Juhan Sonin, juhan@goinvo.com

For Columbus Studio Contact:
Erik Dahl, erik@goinvo.com

"I love beautiful things. Being a graphic designer is something I’ve wanted for a long time. I never thought about designing software, but every day more of how I spend my time is with one app or another. The challenge of creating beautiful software is an exciting one, and I don’t think there is a better place to do that than at Involution. There is so much knowledge wrapped up in these people, and the great hands-on direction and assistance I’m getting really is a second education." Dawa Chung
RISD Class of 2010
"I’ve always been a computer geek. I was blessed to achieve my dream and go through the Computer Science program at MIT. One of the things I learned there is that I’m more interested in the user interface than the back-end stack. What they didn’t teach me is how to create a real user interface for a complex product in an actual company. That I learned at Involution. It was the next step for me, and how I took my education from the theoretical to the magical." Rani Manoharan
MIT Class of 2009