B2B: Affinnova / Web Application

For their powerful, usable marketing tool, Affinnova tabbed Involution


Affinnova's Concept Studio gives marketing organizations a powerful tool to test and uplevel their marketing.

Great marketing is the triangulation of speed, timing and great creative. Affinnova, founded in 2000 by two Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) PhD’s, uses patented product development technology to help their customers – marketing companies and organizations – quickly and radically innovate. Seeing an opportunity to help their customers further accelerate their innovation cycles, the Affinnova team prototyped a new Concept Studio. However, the complexity and power of the vision resulted in a prototype that did not have an adequate user experience. That’s when Affinnova called Involution.

We love complex apps, and the Affinnova Concept Studio gave us a lot to dig into. Starting with our product architecture process – bringing together our core design team and Affinnova’s core product team – we refined the vision for Concept Studio. The subsequent design process birthed a dynamic application that fully manifested Affinnova’s hopes for its potential. Prototypes were very successful with customers and the market.

But it didn’t end there. The crispness of the initial app enabled Affinnova to see more market opportunities, and we re-engaged to further diversify and expand the Concept Studio. Combining customer observations and feedback with Affinnova’s deep understanding of who they are selling to and why, we extended Concept Studio in ways Affinnova did not originally envision. The result is software that won’t just make Affinnova more money, in the words of their Chief Innovation Officer, they expect it to transform their business in fundamental ways. That’s the Involution advantage.

Original Concept Studio App, Powerscreener

A great idea trapped in a not-so-great design, Concept Studio badly needed strong design leadership.

Product Architecture sticky notes meeting

Key Affinnova stakeholders dug in with the core Involution team to really stretch and imagine the app’s potential.

Early ui designs

In our usual quick and effective way we jumped straight from product architecture into high-resolution, pixel perfect screens, allowing rich and relevant feedback early in the project.

CSS Development

We prototyped Concept Studio in code from the early weeks, creating a vibrant environment for innovation, iteration and constant improvement.

Rules Engine UI Design

The finished Concept Studio hit every basic design requirement we insist on: useful, usable and appropriately beautiful.


  • Product Strategy
  • Product Architecture
  • User Interface Design
  • User Interface Engineering
"Concept Studio is likely to transform our business in fundamental ways." Steve Lamoureux, Chief Innovation Officer, Affinnova, Inc. Affinnova