TDL – Episode 3

by Dirk on October 27th, 2010 - Comments (1)

Reviews of the iPad, GoWear Fit and Dropbox. Special guest Juhan Sonin. Segments include: It’s News to Me, FTW/WTF, Live From…

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Links to topics mentioned in this podcast:

It’s News to Me
Apple to buy Sony?
Apple changes replacement discs out for flash drives
Google Street View is highly intrusive
Zynga Gone Wild
Digg in freefall?
Full colour, touchscreen Nook released
White Apple iPhone 4 delayed until spring
Ray Ozzie’s Dawn of a New Day
Alaska oil reserve 90% less than previously estimated
MySpace redesign
Yahoo Mail redesign

FTW/WTF Review Show
Apple iPad
Apple iPad
Sony Playstation 3
National Geographic for the iPad
Marvel Comics for the iPad
The Tipping Point
Phaidon Press
Apple iPhone

BodyMedia’s GoWear Fit
BodyMedia GoWear Fit
Philips DirectLife
Apple OS/X operating system
Bruce Sterling and spimes

Cloud computing

Live From…
Camden, Maine
Harry Sleeper
Dan Ariely
PopTech 2010
Ceasefire peace summit
West Philadelphia high school and the X-Prize
Carnegie Mellon University
Wyss Institute
Raj Panjabi
Paul Farmer

Closing Segment
Business Innovation Factory

Episode 3 Credits
Guest – Juhan Sonin

Host & Director – Dirk Knemeyer
Co-Host & Producer – Jonathan Follett
Technical Support – Eric Benoit
Original Music – Ian Dorsch

One Response to “TDL – Episode 3”

  1. Juhan Sonin says:

    BodyMedia just released a mobile app to accompany the GoWearFit band:

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